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Typically this means you have a relatively low credit score. Your credit score is calculated using your credit report. It's a way of measuring how much of a risk you might pose to a lender. If you have a 'low' credit score, you might find it harder to be accepted for credit. This is because a low credit score suggests that you may have had trouble repaying your debts in the past. In the eyes of a lender, this means there's a higher chance that you also won't repay any future debt.


Direct-to-consumer auto lenders like ESF make applying for car loans with bad credit simple. ESF’ online process cuts out the middleman to offer car buyers several advantages. It’s quick and easy to apply, you can do so from home, work or your mobile device, and you’ll receive an instant decision. Qualified applicants can get preapproved, empowering them to shop with the confidence of a cash buyer. Preapproval means visiting the dealership already knowing the terms of your loan, including the amount, APR and loan duration. If you have any questions about online auto loans, our service agents are available to help by phone, chat or email.  


There are innumerous makes and models of cars available on the UK market to meet the varying needs of the consumers. From sports utility vehicles and multi-utility vehicles to passenger cars and commercial vehicles, you can own a car of your dreams with easy funding from banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies, and other lending institutions.

You could also have a 'low' credit score if you’ve never borrowed before. If you have very little history with credit, lenders won't have much to base their decision on. They have no way of knowing if you're a reliable borrower or not, so they'll usually err on the side of caution. You may also find it tricky to get credit in this situation.

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